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 کنتور ادبلو

Electronic meter with measuring chamber made of AdBlue/DEF-resistant plastic, with high accuracy oval gears, with Display-LCD. “TOTAL” and “RESET” keys.

Technical data:

Flow: from 4 to 40 l/min

5-digit totalizer

It stores the litres of the last service.

Maximum pressure: 5 bar

Min./max. temperature: -10 ºC / +50 ºC

Accuracy: ±0.8 %

Inlet/outlet connection: F1″

Feeding by button battery of long duration

Low battery display

It has calibration parameters and stored litre totalizer in a PERMANENT MEMORY

جهت استفاده ادبلو و فراوردههای مشابه . با قابلیت صفر شو. دبی 40لیتر دردقیقه  .هشدار درصورت کاهش قدرت باطری