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پکیج سوخت گیری از کامیون

Fuel supply kit assembled in a fixed chassis for the fuel supply, filtering and measurement. It is suitable to supply fuel from a van or a truck

It can be assembled in a truck, lorry or a fixed installation

:Standard kit composed of

Hose-reel with 10 m 1″ hose

PA-80 · Automatic nozzle

Nozzle hanger

(AG-90 12 or 24 VDC self-suction pump · 55 l/min* (with Ø1 1/2″ suction hose

Connection box for a battery connection cable

%MGE-110 · Electronic meter · Accuracy ±0.5

(FG-100 · Transparent microfilter · 5 µm (micron

دارای پمپ خود مکش (ضد انفجار یا معمولی ) 12 یا 24 ولت با پکیج کامل شیلنگ وشماره انداز و فیلتر.مناسب جهت تامین سوخت از کامیون و دیگروسایل نقلیه.